2019 Winter Newsletter

Joe Porco

The Challenge of Winter Deliveries

Having a fuel company that is trustworthy and experienced at handling cold and inclement weather is worth a lot.

Man in a bathtub

Propane vs. Electric Water Heaters

More of our customers are choosing propane water heaters instead of electric units.

Steering wheel

We’re Hiring!

Porco Energy is looking for delivery drivers and service technicians to join our heating oil and propane service team.

Dad and son jumping on bed

Feel Safer at Home

Being safe at home becomes a lot easier when you rely on us for all your service needs. To keep you even safer this season, we offer some advice.


Reduce Worry This Winter

Tired of watching your fuel tank? Worried about frozen pipes? With the help of tank and temperature monitors, you can avoid these common winter concerns.

Lacey Greiner

Ask the Expert

Q: Which propane fireplace would be a good choice for my home?


People Are Talking

We work hard to look after our customers, and it warms our heart when customers post a positive review on our Facebook page, Google or other sites.