2018 Spring Newsletter

Joe Porco

Lessons Learned from Winter

Dear Friends,

Winters like this past one teach a valuable lesson: the Porco team will come through for you!


WIN a New iMac!

This powerful 21.5″ iMac comes packed with all-new processors, the latest graphics technology, innovative storage and higherbandwidth connectivity.

Clean, green interior

Staying Comfortable — Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

Modern technology allows us to find new solutions to old problems. Every year, we see new products and materials that help lower energy costs and improve home comfort.

Joe Wenz

Ask the Expert

Q: What size generator is best?
A: Most people prefer a generator that can power the entire home.

Anderson Center for Autism truck

Community Corner

As a family-owned and operated business, we care about our neighbors and have deep roots in the communities we serve.

Lock shield

Protecting Your Price

We’ll be mailing out price information soon. If you would like to sign up for price protection, now is the time to enroll.

Money scattered

Save with Propane and Heating Oil Rebates

Modernizing your home with new propane or heating oil equipment is always a smart idea — and it’s even smarter right now because of several New York State rebates that offer hundreds of dollars in savings.