Can a Gas Heater Work Without Electricity?

No power

Winter and early spring storms can have a real impact on our lives here in the Hudson Valley – especially if they cause a power outage. A downed grid could spell trouble for all your home comfort equipment – even your gas-powered furnace.

Why does a power outage prevent you from using gas-powered equipment? Because electricity is needed to power several important components of today’s sophisticated gas furnace designs, including:

Since all these critical parts rely on electricity, it’s easy to see why a power outage will prevent you from operating your furnace.

One way to ensure your furnace works when the grid goes down is to invest in a whole house emergency backup generator; a licensed heating technician can connect the furnace to the generator so it can power the furnace’s electrical components.

Don’t forget to power down during an outage

During a power outage, it is highly recommended that you turn off power to the furnace as a protective measure for your equipment: when electricity is restored to your home, it is often accompanied by a significant power surge, which could damage or destroy the electrical components of the furnace.

Keep one light in the house on so you can tell when power has been restored, then power up once it’s safe to do so.

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