Can Propane Freeze inside Your Tank?


As we saw last week, it can get pretty cold when it wants to here in the Hudson Valley – a good reason why it pays to have a healthy supply of propane on hand to keep you warm, safe, and prepared for the worst this winter.

But what does propane itself think of the cold weather?

In general, propane fares well as temperatures drop – although it does have some problems as the mercury reaches the extreme end of the scale. Why? Well, remember that propane is stored in your tank as a liquid under high pressure – a liquid that must expand and vaporize to be used as a fuel. The problem is as temperatures drop, so does pressure inside your propane tank – to the point where eventually that pressure may be too low to power your propane furnace or boiler.

When we say extreme cold, we mean it: propane turns to a liquid at -44 degrees F. Still, some precautions should be taken if you own a propane-powered home in a cold climate like ours.

To avoid pressure problems during cold weather extremes:

Some other extreme weather propane tips:

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