Five Home Comfort Resolutions for Your Hudson Valley Home in 2019

2019 New Year's Resolution

It’s Resolution time here in early 2019 – why not make a few that will help you save money, sleep better, and keep you more comfortable in the year ahead?

Try giving these resolutions a try in your Hudson Valley home this year:

  1. Get smarter – Commit to simple lifestyle changes that will make a big difference in your home energy bills. A few ideas:
    • Swap your incandescent light bulbs for LEDs
    • Use your programmable thermostat to drop temps six to eight degrees at night, or when no one is home
    • Install low-flow shower heads
    • Invest in insulation for your unconditioned spaces (attics, crawl spaces, etc.)
  2. Invest in your peace of mind – Cut stress by investing in equipment and services that make life at home easier to manage. Consider adding an emergency backup generator to combat power outages, for example, or sign up for tank and temperature monitoring services to put aside fears about leaving your vacation home empty during the cold winter months. Or do both!

    Another way to mellow out? Make your bills more predictable with a Porco Budget Plan. You will get the same bill every month no matter how much heating oil or propane you use, which means no more “holiday surprises” in your mailbox.

  3. Commit to keeping your equipment in top shape – Well-treated heating and cooling equipment performs better and last longer, so never miss an annual tune-up for your HVAC system. Better yet, get two – one in the spring and one in the fall. Tune-ups pay for themselves by keeping efficiency high and repair risk low. Want even more value for your heating system upkeep? Go for an Porco Service Plan for your heating oil, propane, or air conditioning system.
  4. Make sensible upgrades – Regular care will allow you to max out the volume of your heating and cooling equipment, but there will come a time when paying for a heating system repair no longer makes sense. When that time comes, take the leap and upgrade to new high efficiency equipment – it will work so much better that it will often pay for itself in just a few years in energy savings alone.
  5. Splurge from time to time – There is nothing better than having the warmth of radiant flooring under your feet – except possible sitting by a propane fireplace. Or maybe lounging in your propane-heated pool, followed by some time around your propane outdoor fire pit. If you dream of making your home a comfy, cozy castle, make it happen in 2019.

Start 2019 out right – save money and enjoy more peace of mind with expert service and equipment upgrades from Porco Energy. Contact us today to learn about equipment upgrades for your Hudson Valley home!