Our Family Looks after Your Family

Joe Porco

Dear Friends,

It’s hard to find a fuel and service company today that isn’t part of a national chain or a major corporation. And while it comes as no surprise when our customers tell us how much they appreciate working with a local family-owned company like we are, we still enjoy hearing it.

When you call Porco Energy, a real person will answer the phone and give you the help you need. If you stop by to visit us, you’ll be greeted warmly, and all your questions will be answered. Perhaps most importantly, you can look to us for fast, reliable service whenever you need it, especially if there’s an emergency; we had plenty of those last winter!

We also maintain our own fuel storage facility, so we always have enough fuel no matter how cold it gets. Of course, having a reliable supply is only part of the equation. We need to manage all aspects of our business properly so that we are ready to help you when you need us the most.

During the extreme cold of last January, many other fuel companies — especially the discounters — couldn’t come through and left their customers in the lurch. Those folks learned the hard way that when you do business with a bargain-basement fuel company, you get bargain-basement service too.

As a family business, we couldn’t have made it this far if we weren’t able to exceed our customers’ expectations. If you can’t count on us to keep you warm and comfortable through our long, bone‑chilling winters in the Hudson Valley, then we aren’t doing our job.

Joe Porco