Choose from a Reznor or Modine unit heater, or an Empire or Rinnai space heater for all your small-area heating needs.

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Reznor heater

A unit heater offers low installation costs, and is able to heat large-volume areas without requiring extensive duct systems. It can be powered by gas, oil, electricity, and even hot water.

The heater is vented with a power vent. A fan forces exhaust fumes outdoors, so there will be no burned gasses inside the building. However, the unit does draw air from inside the building for combustion. So if you paint frequently in the space, use chemicals, cut wood, or do anything that leaves airborne particles, we suggest you look at one of our sealed space heaters instead.

A space heater can be one of three types:

Direct-vent wall furnaces

Direct-vent heaters are slim and compact, taking in outside air for combustion through a specially designed double-wall vent. All combustion by-products are vented directly back outside. From basements to bedrooms, from large living areas to small laundry rooms, we have economical, highly efficient wall heaters to meet your particular comfort needs.

Vent-free gas room heaters: infrared and Blue-Flame

With attractive, trim designs and generous outputs, we have the right vent-free room heater for anything from bathrooms to large living areas. Thermostat controls offer you hands-free temperature monitoring for around-the-clock comfort and convenience.

Vented room heaters, including floor furnaces, gravity wall furnaces, and counterflow up-vent wall furnaces

For medium to large room areas, our vented room heater solutions can’t be beat for low-cost comfort.

They come in either solid or glass-enclosed fronts, which lets you see the flame as it heats, with optional ceramic logs to add a fire-like glow. Either system is easy to install and can quickly be providing your home with soothing warmth.

A floor furnace requires no costly electricity to operate, is easily regulated by a wall thermostat, and can heat the whole house.

An economical gravity vented furnace uses state-of-the-art technology to deliver the highest fuel efficiency. Flush mount or recessed mount models can heat one to two rooms, depending upon the model.

Finally, ask about counterflow up-vent wall furnaces, which circulate warmth at floor level. Optional side registers and rear registers help disperse the heat to other areas, and the front panels remove easily for cleaning and servicing.

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