Propane Customers: Stay Prepared for Winter Weather!

Winter shoveling snow

Mother Nature’s been relatively kind to the Hudson Valley so far this year – but as we’ve learned in recent years heading into January with mild weather behind us, we’re not out of the woods yet.

Here are five quick tips to help ensure that your propane delivery driver has easy access to your propane tank so you can keep your house warm all season long:

  1. Flag your outdoor propane tank – It’s important to identify the exact location of your propane tank before we get a major snowstorm. You can use just about any kind of marker, as long as it’s visible in several feet of snow.
  2. Gently clean off your tank after a snowstorm – Use a soft broom or snow brush to clear off your tank – NOT a shovel, which can damage the tank or regulator.
  3. Keep your outdoor propane equipment outside – Never store outdoor appliances inside your home during the winter months! Keep your equipment covered and outdoors, or in a detached garage.
  4. Clear a path to your propane tank – Make sure your delivery driver has easy access to your tank – we don’t want to see any of them get hurt!
  5. Don’t wait for the last minute to fill your tankOrder your propane when your tank is at least a quarter full, especially if severe weather is forecast.

For reliable propane deliveries in any weather, trust the Hudson Valley’s home comfort leader – Porco Energy. Contact us today and make sure your family stays warm and comfortable this winter!