Propane vs. Heating Oil: Pros and Cons

Pros and cons

Most homeowners here in the Hudson Valley rely on either propane gas or fuel oil to power their homes. Both fuels will do the job – and both are a big step up from electricity when it comes to house heating duties.

But if the time has come to replace your old heating system (or if you are building a new home and installing one for the first time), you will probably have to choose one fuel or the other – unless you choose to go the dual fuel route, with propane acting as a supplemental energy source in hard to heat rooms or for additional appliances…more on that later).

Each fuel type has its advantages and disadvantages to consider – here is a quick guide to some of the more important ones.

Propane pros

Propane cons

Fuel oil pros

Fuel oil cons

The bottom line

If your oil-fired system is on the way out and you’re thinking about making the switch to propane, there are many reasons to do it – but it’s going to take careful consideration to make the right call.

If you want to explore whether a conversion makes sense in your Hudson Valley home, give us a call – we’ve had years of experience helping homeowners make the switch and can help you make the best decision possible.

Thinking about switching the heating fuel in your Hudson Valley home? We can help you make the right choice! Contact Porco Energy today to learn more.