Budget Plan

Keep your fuel bills under control with our budget plans.

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At Porco Energy, we don’t think it’s fair that you should have to pay for most of your fuel in just four or five cold-weather months. Now you don’t have to. Our monthly payment plan is designed to make your fuel costs easier to manage. And with our Comfort Credits program, you get the benefits of monthly payments with the price protection of a price cap.

Monthly Payment Program

Monthly payment plan comparison chart

As the name implies, our monthly payment program helps you avoid big winter fuel bills by spreading your fuel costs over 12 months. You’ll pay the same amount each month, with one or two periodic adjustments if necessary. People who are in this program tell us that it makes it much easier to plan their monthly budget because they know in advance how much their fuel will cost. If you have a credit balance at the end of the month, we’ll pay you interest in the form of a credit to your account.

Comfort Credits

Our Comfort Credits program combines the convenience of our monthly budget program with the certainty of a price cap. With a cap, you are protected whether fuel prices rise or fall. If prices rise, you’ll never pay more than the set “ceiling” or cap price. If prices fall, you benefit from what we call “downside protection” and you’ll pay the lower of your cap price or our current daily price on the day you receive a delivery. Our suppliers charge us a fee for this protection. In essence you are buying an insurance policy, and as with any insurance, we charge you a fee.