Six Winter Storm Safety Reminders for Your Hudson Valley Home

Snow traffic sign

Well, ready or not, winter is here – but we would prefer it if you were ready (we think you would, too). That’s why we are putting together this short list of severe weather reminders for your Hudson Valley home.

If a winter storm is forecast, don’t forget to:

  1. Check your fuel levels early – If you are low on fuel as the storm approaches, call us for a heating oil delivery or propane gas delivery as soon as possible. Make sure you have enough fuel to last at least a week in case difficult road conditions delay deliveries.
  2. Conserve your energy – Stretch out your fuel supply if you start to run low, since fuel deliveries may be delayed. Set your programmable thermostat a little lower than usual, and turn down the heat when no one is in the house.
  3. Clear a path to your fuel pipe or gas line – Clear at least a 12” path to your fill pipe or propane tank, and clear your driveway if that is where our delivery trucks must park to deliver your fuel. While you’re out doing cleanup, clear your chimneys, flues, and outdoor vents to keep your house well ventilated and protect against CO poisoning.
  4. Review precautions with your family in the event of a gas leak – If you power your home with propane, remind everyone in the house about what to do if you detect a propane gas leak in the house.
  5. Avoid using outdoor appliances to heat your home – Never use your outdoor gas grill, portable generator, or other propane heating appliances inside the house; using them without proper ventilation could cause deadly CO poisoning.
  6. Troubleshoot first if you have no heat – If you suspect that one of your heating appliances is damaged or isn’t working, troubleshoot your heating system before you contact us for emergency service.

Be prepared for any winter weather with reliable propane and heating oil deliveries from Porco Energy. Contact us to become a Porco customer today, or use our convenient online intake form to schedule your delivery!