Spring: A Great Time for Your Heating System Maintenance

Spring is here

Spring is here – time to start thinking about the warm days ahead of us rather than the cold days behind us. But before you spring too far ahead, it’s a good idea to take care of one final heating season task: scheduling your heating equipment tune-up.

Spring is a great time for routine heating system maintenance. For one thing, your furnace or boiler has just been through the rigors of a long heating season and can probably use a little attention from an expert.

More importantly, spring is a good time for heating maintenance because it’s not the fall, when everyone is clamoring for heating service. We see it often in our business: customers put off their heating maintenance until September or October, then struggle to find a time that works with their busy schedule. Before they know it, heating season is half over and they have paid more than they should have to heat their Hudson Valley home.

If you take care of your heating maintenance now, you’ll experience lower bills and more reliable equipment from day one next heating season, and don’t worry – the work our expert technicians perform won’t “wear off” when your equipment is resting between active seasons.

If you find that your heating equipment is in need of an upgrade, spring is also the perfect time to install a new heating system: prices are usually at their best of the year, and installation appointment times are much more open than they will be heading into heating season.

Spring is the perfect time to get your heating maintenance out of the way  – why not sign up for a tune-up today, or get an even better value by signing up for a Porco Service Plan for your heating oil or propane equipment? Contact us today to learn more.