What does a furnace reset button do?

reset button
You’ve seen it before – that easy-to-spot red reset button on your oil-fired furnace. But what is it there for, and when should you use it?

A reset button is actually part of a safety mechanism in your furnace designed to shut down the unit automatically when the oil burner flame goes out. Sometimes, however, the shutdown is called for in error – in which case simply flipping the reset switch will restore furnace function.

If resetting your furnace doesn’t correct the issue, there’s a good chance the problem will need professional service from a qualified heating technician.

What can trip a furnace reset button?

A furnace reset button is tripped when the sensor connected to it thinks the burner’s flame has gone out. The two most common reasons for a burner flame shut-off are:

When to call in the pros

If your oil burner trips consistently whether or not you have heating oil in the tank, you will need professional heating oil service. An experienced tech can spot many of the more common problems in your furnace, including a dirty CAD cell, faulty burner or fuel pump, blocked oil nozzle, loose electrical connections and more.

Our expert heating oil equipment repair technicians have the tools and expertise they need to pinpoint the issue and get it fixed quickly and correctly the first time, so you can get back to enjoying your cozy Hudson Valley home!

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