What Is a Propane Fireplace Insert?

Living room fireplace

Wood burning fireplaces are an amazing feature to have in your Hudson Valley home, but let’s face it: they aren’t the most convenient or efficient option when it comes to planning a cozy evening.

That’s where propane fireplace inserts come in.

Propane fireplace inserts are sealed combustion boxes that mount inside the mouth of your fireplace. Compared to a standard wood burning fireplace, a propane gas insert is:

Propane fire inserts are also a great source of supplemental heat, saving you money by reducing the load on your home furnace or boiler. And let’s not forget that your propane insert is a great off-the-grid heating source during a power outage!

If you’re interested in exploring a fireplace insert options for your Hudson Valley home, contact us today – we’ll find a solution that works with your décor and budget, then install it quickly and correctly so you can enjoy the warm glow of a fire right away.

We also have freestanding propane gas stove and fireplace options if you want to add a propane hearth to your home.

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